Caralyn is…The Beauty Beyond The Bones

2 Corinthians 12:9

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.      St. Paul

If you haven’t heard of BeautyBeyondBones, well you’re missing something special. She’s a survivor of anorexia.  Barely.  Her first night at inpatient recovery was spent trying to sleep in the nurses’ station.  Why?  They were afraid she might die in her sleep from her self-imposed starvation.

She was about as far gone as you could get without needing a coroner.

She anonymously started writing her blog about her successful recovery February 2015. In that time her followers have grown to 16,000+.  She definitely has something to say, and she definitely resonates with a real need in people’s hearts and souls.  What started as a cathartic hobby to hopefully help just one other sufferer has exploded.  She’s created a beautiful beast that must now be fed!

She worked up the courage to let go of her anonymity, to claim her name and face to her readers by way of a video. She continues to spread the Good News that it was God’s Spirit and strength that allowed her to recover and live again.

Over the course of 2016 she has broadened her scope of topics while staying mindful of her foundation topic: Eating Disorders (ED). Now she has broadened her reach by developing a site on Patreon.  This is a great two-for-one strategy for her.

When you publish an article twice a week and regularly get hundreds of likes and comments within hours of posting, a lot of time is spent responding to your readership. A young single in New York, she can either let it whither or find a way to afford to take the time to keep it going.

She also has felt the need to get back to her roots – eating disorders. Instead of written blogs, she’s started making short videos to publish at Patreon as she goes through her old journal from her inpatient days.  This is powerful stuff.  You can see this healthy, adjusted young lady telling her tale.  At the same time, you see her eyes change as she remembers things she might rather leave buried.  True to her Christian mission, she tells us, “If I can help just one person…”

Patreon is a site that asks for sponsors. You can offer $1 per month or however much the site seems worth to you.  This helps her with income so she can take the time to keep her mission going instead of having to take another job.

Let me be clear at this point; I have no horse in this race. Nothing.  NADA.  As a Christian blogger, I’m committed to helping someone else who is doing her best and is successfully doing God’s work.  How many of us would LOVE to have 16,000+ followers inside of two years?!?  God is blessing her ministry.  I think that’s worthy of support!!

Here’s my first article introducing and supporting her ministry early this year:

Where I started reading her blog:

And where to find out about supporting her on Patreon if you find something worthwhile in the first two links:

I hope 3 things:

  • That her message enriches your life
  • That you know someone who could use her inspiration
  • That you will see your way to support her ministry at Patreon

As always,


6 thoughts on “Caralyn is…The Beauty Beyond The Bones

    • I’ve been reading her since last January. She deserves it! I don’t know if you’ve read everything from the first post, but she’s worked so hard on all of this I’ve felt compelled to help in any small way I can.

  1. Jeff, I am absolutely blown away by your generosity in writing this post. WOW. I am so humbled and grateful and just — I am truly speechless. Thank you. I can honestly say that you, personally, have played a huge role in not only developing and growing the Patreon site, but also just continuing on and working up the courage to reveal my heart and my faith and my identity. You have been such an awesome encourager, supporter and friend. And for that, I am grateful. Hope you’re having a great night. Sending massive hugs to you and yours. Thanks again xoxox

    • Caralyn, you’ve touched so many hearts and shared so much of yourself, you touched the “helper” in me. I learned from being an educator and trainer that God me made me to help others make their lives better. You might recall in my first post about you that you brought out the dad in me. I just wanted to wrap you up and kiss the top of your head, like I would with one of my daughters.

      You open yourself so much that I never wanted to be another “Great post!” sort of reader. You deserve thoughtful replies, real responses to the substance of what you write.

      You might recall an exchange we had that resulted in me writing “Running a Surplus” last February. We can never give enough to run a deficit. We always run a surplus when giving in a God-pleasing way. So, my writing about you and supporting you will never “empty” me! You’ve suffered much and braved much. I’m just glad I can do something meaningful for you!

      If you would, please go to your email, I have a request.

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