Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 11

DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Psalm 139:14 [Full Chapter]

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.


Toward the end of Part 10, I wrote how the magnetic fields of today’s technology can interfere with and even damage our DNA “antennas.” Every bit of technology we have runs on electricity.  So does all life.  With that in mind, we will have a brief primer on electricity.  I definitely need this; all I really know about electricity as that I shouldn’t touch it!

Your TV set is arguably a synthetic life form. It is a box that becomes “graphically animated” when it receives energy signals through the air.  We are very much like that; we are truly alive, and our DNA takes instructions from the vibrations and magnetic fields around us, whether from electricity, natural light, or sounds, or any mix of them.

The liquid crystal components of our bodies are biological counterparts to the lifeless components of our electrical devises:

  • Membrane receptors = Transducers
  • Membrane receptors + DNA = Inductors
  • Cell and Organelle membranes = Capacitors
  • Membranes + DNA = Resonators
  • Membrane-Protein Complexes = Tuning Circuits
  • Liquid Crystal Protein Polymers = Semiconductors

This is where we begin a look at the emerging fields of electrogenetics and energy medicine. Think on it; what if medicine can be found in applications of different energy types rather than drugs?  We are electrical.  It is micro-currents that relay messages from the brain to muscles, for example, sparking across the synapses, cell to cell.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start this simple primer on electricity.  Something beyond “Don’t touch it!”

Like charges repel. Unlike charges attract.  The latter causes electrons to flow, producing current.  The former act as governors and brakes to current, causing it to perform desired functions.  When electric current flows, it produces an electric field at a 90 degree angle to the flow.  Such electric (magnetic) fields are produced by every electrical device in our arsenal of technology; home appliances, high power lines, cell phone towers and cell phones, radio and TV transmission towers…all produce magnetic fields, some stronger than others.  Even the smallest disruptive field from, for example, a phone can have a cumulative effect over time.

“Such electric fields form around any electric charge, according to numerous authorities, including those within your cells.” (Page 107)

To further our discussion of electricity and electric fields within ourselves, let’s take a quick look at the basic terms used:

  • VOLTAGE…is based on the understanding that an electric current will only flow when it gets a push. When two areas of different charges are connected, whether at the ends of two wires or two cell membranes, a current will flow…to equalize the two charges…The difference in potential between two points gives rise to a voltage…”
  • CURRENT is the rate of flow of charge carriers in a substance past a point.
  • AMPERE (is) the unit of current measure.
  • In inorganic materials the electrons carry the current. In biological tissues both mobile ions and electrons carry currents. (Page 107)


As mentioned above, currents produce magnetic fields that extend out from the current at 90 degrees to the direction of current. Its strength grows and diminishes in direct proportion to the increase and decrease of the current.

  • CONDUCTOR – Any material within which the electrons are mobile.
  • INSULATOR – A material with few free electrons.
  • SEMICONDUCTOR – Conducts electric current in only one direction and acts as an insulator in the other.
    • ALL materials provide some resistance to current flow, which produces heat.
    • Resistance in simple DC circuits is called IMPEDANCE.
  • IMPEDANCE – Usually described as resistance to flow of an alternating current and includes the concept of phase shift between voltage and current.
  • OHM – Unit of measure of resistance to electrical flow.
  • INDUCTANCE – The expansion or contraction of a magnetic field.
    • Coils have better inductance than straight conductors and are sometimes simply called INDUCTORS
      • COIL EXAMPLES: The Tesla coil and YOUR DNA
  • COUNTER EMF – The force produced when a magnetic field changes in response to a change in current
    • “When current flow in a DC circuit rapidly falls, the magnetic field also rapidly collapses and (can generate) a high induced emf that at times may be many times the original source voltage.”
    • AC circuits are constantly changing so induced emf will affect current at all times. (Page 109)

I think that’s about enough for right now. My brain is full.  Next installment; how all of this relates to your personal biology and DNA function.  Suffice it for now to say that such complexity can exist at such a microscopic level most certainly argues against chance evolution and attests to the creative genius and power of God!!

Your ideas are important too!

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