Pirates of the Sacred Spiral Part 10

DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral by Leonard G. Horowitz – Introductory quotation to Chapter 5

“There is harmony of the organism and a harmony in structure that allows the transfer of energy so that the organism can live and vibrate. So it can carry on its metabolism and its replication.  Those harmonies and resonances must be perceived as inherently musical, because those harmonies recur and recreate the organism…Ultimately, there is a musical or harmonic element within the organism which can recreate the patterns of information and energy.  This is beautiful and resurgent.  This is molecular music; fragile, dependent, recurring under the right conditions, based in quantum echoes and hidden physics.”  (Emphasis added)        Merrill Garnett, D.M.D., Phd., First Pulse: A Personal Journey n Cancer Research

I’ll bet that your science and biology classes never taught you anything like this. I’ll bet no one ever told you why the DNA is shaped in a spiral.  While protein synthesis is a function of DNA, I’ll bet no one ever taught you that it’s only a small part of what DNA does.  You likely never had the slightest inkling that DNA “directs electromagnetic signaling from our environment, including the Divinely-directed and balanced cosmos, through our cells and tissues.” (Page 98)


The last few installments in this series has fairly well shown us how the leading research centers and the most powerful of world figures such as the Rockefellers, Carnegies, and more are dedicated to shifting world events to their greed and desire to – excuse me – take over the world. The mainstream health and medical industries spend a lot of capital working to convince us that many or most of human disease conditions stem from genetic susceptibilities.  Simply, their entire model is based on a Gene-Environment Interaction hypothesis.  Nutrition, chemical balances, and behavioral risk factors are cited as the risk factors that interact with our genes, producing disease, short term or chronic.

I, for example, at a strapping 190 pounds from weights and pushups, and a cardio routine that would drop most people, had double-bypass while the guy next to me at the company cholesterol screening had a reading that Richard Simmons would envy.

Bad genes. Right.  We get that.  But having a predisposition to a condition regardless of environment and habits is only part of the story.  Telling partial truth makes a great lie, right?

If DNA is our antenna that uses the vibrations of the natural world to moderate and orchestrate cell reproduction, what about all of the electromagnetic, bio acoustical, and energy pollution we live in? How many different frequencies of radio waves do you suppose are bombarding your body right now?  There are TV stations, radio stations, cell phones, which are a hell of a lot more than phones, that invite all sorts of frequencies between phone signals, internet, and multiple entertainment sources in our phones.    Our TV sets, which we sit in front of for hours on end, are a source of chronic contamination.  There is evidence that living in close proximity to high power lines can cause health problems.  The smaller doses we get day in and day out do not have an immediate, easily observable effect, but they do have an effect.

Think on this. While I am not an outdoorsman by any stretch, I do enjoy walks in the woods, sitting on a beach, listening to the waves, and generally being more into a natural environment than an urban, built up environment.  Even if you’re like me and think roughing it is a motor home in a KOA campground, I think you know what I mean.  There’s a peace to being further and further away from civilization and technology.  Have you ever wondered why?

I, for one, have always looked at it in terms of less noise, traffic, phones, computers, and general busy-ness. Reading this book, however, as added an extra dimension to my thinking.  Yes those things are part of it, but what if it’s also – and perhaps more significantly – that our DNA is receiving less clutter and “noise” while trying to tune in to the life-giving signals that can be found only from a God-given universe?

Do you think that knowledge would have much impact on the state of our society and culture? On businesses from the electronics industry to medicine to entertainment ?  If we really wanted to solve the problem from that end, we’d end up having to abandon a lot of technology…at least on a wide-spread basis.  Not that I think that would EVER happen.  At this point, the Rockefellers and company have inertia on their side.  The genie is out of the bottle.  The question now is whether it’s simply too late to reclaim our lives and the Godliness we were intended to live in?

Looking at this whole conundrum as I write this, I can’t help thinking about any historical battle between good and evil. Evil always gets the first punch in, a head-start that should see them succeed.  However, their own evil causes them to make mistakes that become their undoing downstream.

In my vision of this, that would be the internet. It’s a huge part of modern tech, without which much research would be nearly impossible.  The tech folks and large corporations kept wanting more, bigger, faster, and ubiquitous until it got away from them.  Now their invention that they used to further their research and plans is the start of their possible undoing, the very vehicle that rats them out.

So after perhaps running a bit off point here, I’ll close Part 10. Until Part 11, consider what lengths a person or entity would go to, if it meant wealth beyond the dreams of avarice?

Up next though, the science to back up DNA as the sacred receiver/transmitter.

3 thoughts on “Pirates of the Sacred Spiral Part 10

  1. DNA has always fascinated me. I grew up with the understanding of it that the information contained in it would equal Grand Canyon filled with encyclopedias 🙂 I always and struck with awe when I think about the fact that no two people on earth have the same DNA. I mean…talk about God…. 🙂 Irreducible complexity. Enjoying the series! hugs to you Jeff!

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