The Devil Made Me Do It By Carrie Anderson

This is a nice, good sense piece on parenting. A true breath of fresh air!

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A Christian mom asked me an awesome question recently.

What do you say to your kid when they ask you,” What if the devil makes me do bad things?”

Why is this a great question? One, it shows that children are always thinking, always reasoning. Two, it is easily answered with Scripture. Three, it’s simply a more child-like version of a common question Christians get from atheists/skeptics: Why does God allow evil in the world?

Children are probably the best training ground for the woman apologist. You want to engage atheists and skeptics? Start talking with kids first, as they are relentless and will ask you questions that will challenge your understanding of Scripture. Kids are always thinking, and are great examples for us to follow. They really do ask the best questions, even when the questions make us feel uncomfortable.

The best part is that we have that training…

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