“Pirates of the Sacred Spiral” – Update

I am currently working on the next several installments for my overview of “Pirates of the Sacred Spiral.” The next section of the book is fairly complex, and I’ve struggled with how to present it.  I find every sentence to be something I’d want to quote.  It was getting to the point that I might as well have photocopied the pages and post those!

With so many players and dates involved, I realized it is best to develop a timeline to provide the best overview. This will also clarify the sequence of events from the start of genetic research and its misuse in the eugenics movement.  If you’ve never learned this part of American and world history, you will, like me, find yourself shocked at some of the people and institutions behind it.

Eugenics was instrumental in inspiring the Nazi Holocaust as well as, in some cases, funding it. It was also behind terminal experiments on federal prisoners who were deemed inferior; Negros, the “feebleminded,”  and more.

Also, as this is a Christian-based blog, you might wonder how this topic fits in. If you’ve read installments 1-4, you’ll see that much has been withheld from the general public, which shows God’s handiwork in the beauty and complexity of His creation.  Once you see just how beautifully designed DNA is and how it has been used against people, you’ll understand even better just how present the war is between God and evil on Earth.  We are indeed in the thick of it, and we are often completely unaware of it.

I ask your patience as I continue to distill a complex subject into something I – and then you – can wrap our heads around.

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