Pirates of the Sacred Spiral, Part 4

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


Building on Parts 2 & 3, I want to share something else Horowitz explains to us in “DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral.” Recall that the symbols for vowels in Hebrew mimic the patterns they make, say in sand or, if you have the cash, frequency registration graphing equipment.

This was discovered in 1967 by Swiss researcher Hans Jenny in his book The Structure and Dynamics of Waves and Vibrations. He also worked with “…vibrations, oscillations, pulses, wave motions, pendulum motions…” and more and was able to conclude that “The evidence convincingly demonstrated that all natural phenomena were ultimately dependent on, and possibly entirely determined by, the frequencies of vibrations.”  (emphasis added)

American researchers Stan Tenen and Dan Winter reproduced Jenny’s work on the Hebrew alphabet, confirming his findings. “This knowledge lays the foundation for understanding creationism in the strict sense from Yah’s spoken word as detailed in the Book of Genesis.

Hebrew and very closely related languages have been referred to as “sacred languages.” Only they are indeed “sacred” in this way.  Indeed, because of this relationship of waves and vibrations to forms of matter, one could argue that, in a way, along with all of creation we are the visible form of God’s symphony.  In fact, because DNA “facilitates the structuring and regulating activity of all coherent biophoton fields operating in every living thing…(we) are crystallized or precipitated light!”

Weird yet? Buckle up.  Let’s start with a few basic statements of fact:

  • Hebrew is a sacred language, ancient, possibly back to creation itself.
  • It is read right to left
  • The most precise language in the universe is math. Math can be said to be God’s language!
  • English is a later development, having been invented approximately 750 years after Christ died and rose, give or take a quarter millennia
  • English is read left to right.

Why the last?

Leaders from among the German Anglo-Saxons and later Normans are who developed English. These same folks were members of European royalty.  They developed English to be “…mathematically reversed from the ancient Sacred Hebrew, Aramaic, and Sanskrit languages.”

These same people who did this were either aligned with or corrupted by the secret Freemasons. How do we know?  Per Horowitz;

“…the Levitical priesthood, that were ordained by the Creator to be keepers of this sacred, spiritual knowledge, was also very knowledgeable about Pythagorean mathematics, electromagnetics, and spiritual energetics.”

Further, the knowledge that these Grand Master Masons possessed was hidden starting at least 3000 years ago. This is certain knowledge, since we know this is when the ancient Levi priests assigned verse numbers to the ancient writings and did so according to specific alphanumeric coding.

David John Oates, an Australian psychologist started research into what we now call reverse speech. For those who don’t know, people trained in the psychological fields are trained mathematicians.  Their information comes from synthesis of large amounts of data which can only be organized and understood through math.

He assigned a number value to each letter in the English alphabet; A=1, B=2, etc. He used these values to translate basic words, such as “trust”, “faith”, and “God” to come up with the words as numbers.  He would reduce the total of the numerical values of these words using the Pythagorean method of reducing each number to a single digit.  Using this method, he demonstrated that English is indeed a backward language.

Horowitz concludes, “These, along with many other revelations, convinced (Oates) that language was integrated with mathematics, and encoded with electromagnetic frequencies of sound that, as Jenny concluded, relayed spiritual messages between people, and between people and the Creator as well.”

This leaves one final question: To take the sacred language of Hebrew and turn it completely, even mathematically, on its head would be to serve whom better? The Creator or Satan?

Like any good ‘Merican, I’ve been conditioned to hear the guttural, almost windy sounds of Sanskrit languages as something ugly and evil. It brings up images of jetliners and towers, beheadings, etc.  What exquisite irony to discover that the Middle Eastern people haven’t been too far off the mark, at least linguistically speaking,  describing the USA as the Great Satan?

This leaves just one, final irony to relish. At least most of us have heard about evil messages being audible when playing, for example, a Beatles record backwards.  I recently heard a radio program about reversed speech.  The host played recordings of speeches by different figures, and the messages were the opposite of the thrust of the speech!

When I first heard this, I wondered if it was deliberate and how much work it would take to play this sort of “game” with their audiences. The math shows that not only is it unintentional, it is virtually unavoidable.

One of many examples Oates played on national radio was a speech by then President Bill Clinton. Played backwards, you could hear him saying, “I’m nothing but a dirty rotten snake oil salesman.”

Dr. Oates’ contention is that English was developed to “spiritually neutralize the masses.” English effectively is a result of spiritual warfare against the ignorant!

As an American who is at least proud of his country’s history, I find this all very hard to take in. I simply find the argument, research, and facts overwhelming.  Does this mean speaking English makes us inherently evil?  By no means!  It does seem to indicate that it makes things spiritually harder, though.

Lest this sound a bit too fantastical, remember how sound affects matter, Hebrew vowels create resonance patterns that mimics the written letter, and the rest of the facts building to this point.

Fortunately, God looks at our hearts!

Your ideas are important too!

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