7 Creepiest Possibilities of DNA Editing

Wouldn’t you know that no sooner do I start studying and sharing with you a book about DNA than I run across a video on YouTube with today’s title!

Bear in mind, this is all about DNA editing, changing the natural “blueprint” for living things, animals and vegetables. There’s no addressing its main function – receiving and responding to God’s symphony of love and life.  No, the scientific community is trying to impress on us how cool the world will be when we really get the hang of this!  Of course, they don’t mention al of the tortured, defective attempts it will take to finally get it right.

This video at least calls out the geneticists. Food for thought for us all.


For past articles on DNA, crossbreeding and the like, look at last May’s post.


2 thoughts on “7 Creepiest Possibilities of DNA Editing

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