9 thoughts on “Quote for 7/22/2016

  1. Hi Jeffrey! Wish I could apply that to one particular lady at work but I just can’t ! I will keep her as an enemy . I know this is horrible

    • Yeah, I have a couple of those myself. Mostly because they have had a long history of betrayal, and I finally had to call it quits. I pray for them to have a better life, I don’t hate them, but I recognize them for what they are; my enemies by their choice. And it took some time to get over the hate, I’m afraid.

      • I really am not a hateful person I’m pretty happy and positive but this one woman is so mean to the people that work directly under her. I have to bite my tongue. After a few encounters with me she leaves me alone because I bite back !! Hope you are having a great day! Super hot in California it’s going to be about 108 tomorrow

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