13 thoughts on “Quote for 7/21/2016

      • Me too. I’m just not sure whether it’s really people’s trapped souls or demons impersonating them to lead us astray. A dear friend who was a Viet Nam vet once told me how he saw the ghost armies of Gettysburg at night. The city has since stopped allowing anyone in after dark; people have gone in there, seen the ghosts – some close up – and went insane. Weirdness!!

      • Is this true or you are trying to scare me ! Yikes I would love to go but then again no!! As for demons I think they exist too and those are scary! Is it possible for people to have one in them and not know ? Just wondering because there are a few people that give me the creeps

      • 1) His name is Dale Shepley, Passed about a year ago, but he was a Ranger in Nam, and a jump master at one of the forts in the US after he was done there. He told he spent time in Gettysburg back in the day as one of his postings. It’s all true. You could likely google it; Gettysburg denies night access to battlegrounds.

        If you want to get further into it, maybe find me on Facebook or give me your email. Short answer, I don’t think someone can be possessed without inviting a demon in. But they can do that without realizing it, like playing with Ouija Boards.

        Look for “People of he Lie” by M. Scott Peck. Very interesting read. He says most everyone has a sensitivity to evil as well as good. You can ignore it and lose it or not. I’m not talking psychic, but the sort of feeling you describe.

        Anyway, happy to share what I know off line. Too much data to share in this forum. 🙂

      • Hi Jeffrey thank you !!! I’m going to get this book ,I never went near a Ouija board to scary ! I guess I’m a chicken ! You are right about Gettysburg how fascinating !!! I’m going let you know when I get the book so we can discuss!

      • Absolutely! I’d enjoy that. I also have links to videos regarding possession – not graphic sleep-depriving stuff, but more informational. Let me know! Very glad you’ve been too scared to try any of that stuff. You’d never know what you got into until it’s too late!!

    • Erin, thank you so much for letting me know. I always enjoy seeing you having visited my site. And I’m glad you like the quotes! I blog to try and give others something useful. Nice to know I reach folks!

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