The Happiness Tag

A Kinder Way posted The Happiness Tag on 7/16/16:  She lists the 5 things that make her happy, 5 songs that make her happy, and 5 people to “tag” to respond with the favorite 5’s.  I wasn’t tagged, but she indicated non-tagged folks should feel free to join in, so I’ll give it a whirl.

  • FIVE THINGS:Saturday morning at our local Panera Bakery/Café. We each bring a book to read while we nosh a pastry or breakfast sandwich. Once we wake up a bit more, we segue into conversations about, oh, anything. We’ve been doing this since 2001. It’s my favorite morning of the week!
  • Movies! Good ones, at least. Some examples – The first ALIEN movie. This was before CG effects, and they created a great environment with what is now primitive technology. Plus its attention to detail. I thought that Ripley having to read the directions on how to initiate the ship’s self-destruct sequence was a great touch! LOVE ACTUALLY: It skillfully wove several story strings into each other and neatly gave examples of different types of love. There are more, but I’m obviously not a slave to genre.
  • MUSIC, which I’ll cover below.
  • MEMORIES: My wife has always said that one of the big jobs of parents is to give your children good memories. By God’s grace, we’ve managed to give them some good ones. Hills desperately wanted to learn to fly. I resisted, but then found myself sitting next to a flight instructor from my home town on a layover, heading home. I discovered that I could afford it, so I set up a first lesson for her. She almost flew without the plane when we surprised her with it. Two European vacations thanks to a lot of work travel points. Livie was scared to fly, but turned into a veteran by the 2nd leg over. Both girls said they learned more about the world in a couple weeks than in years of school.
  • LEARNING, SEEING, & SHARING THE REALITY OF BIBLICAL TRUTH IN THE WORLD. Look for The Exodus Case by Dr. Lennart Moller on You’ll get a better idea of what I mean by this when you find out that he’s researched archeological finds that match up to a literal reading of Exodus. And there are histories you can find on line about giant skeletons unearthed in Ohio and thousands found in mass graves out west. Here’s an interesting lecture about strange stone structures throughout New England, which, at the tail end, are indicative of such giants living there at one time: The biblical connection? Read Genesis 6.



  • SHE’S MY JEWEL – I’m kinda partial to this one, as I wrote it for my wife. Well, I wrote the lyrics and my best man composed the music. We recorded it at a studio with a very good synthesizer, so we had a “full orchestra.” We used his sound system at the reception to play it. Julie cried, the women cried, and the guys were peeved at me, because they knew the ol’ “Why didn’t you do that for me” conversations were already en route. J
  • THRILLER – Michael Jackson. The song, the video, the dancing, and…Vincent Price rapping!
  • ALL SUMMER LONG – Kid Rock. I’m not a big fan of his, but this reminded me of summers on the Great Lakes. His were on Lake Michigan, mine on Lake Erie in Sandusky Bay and the islands. P.S – I wasn’t a druggie or partier, but it brought back MY memories!


What are your top five memories and songs?

One thought on “The Happiness Tag

  1. Memories – 1 meeting Jesus in church age 6. 2-kissing my crush in 5th grade under the portracks 3 close tie with kissing my ex n previous ex for the first time 4 trying unsuccessfully to touch something inside a Siddhartha statue in Indonesia 5 fulfilling a lifelong dream of being able to walk under African skies in Johannesburg en route to Ethiopia
    Songs – 1 cherish the love by papa bear 2 all my life by kci n jojo 3 have you ever by brandy norwood 4 stand inside your love by smashing pumpkins 5 angels with dirty faces by tricky aka adrian thawes n martina topley bird

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