I’m on VA-CAAA-Shun!!!

Yowza! My last full week off was last December.  There was a time when I didn’t think I’d make it much past April, but here I am!  Right now I’m trying to not spend my Saturday frantically making sure today counts, because there’s only one more day off before…MONDAY!  Duh, duh, duuuuhhh!

Yeah, I’m a sick puppy. What can I say?  The factory mis-wired a thing or two as I moved down the assembly canal.

Julie is off all weekend – a bonus for someone in retail. Monday Hillary and I will be heading out on a dad/daughter trip to see some folks we haven’t hugged in a long time.  We’ll be back in time for me to still enjoy the second half of vacation!

I’m planning on writing, doing a few chores – heavy on the few – and, of necessity, doing a few things for work. But that’ll go fast, because I can stay off email and remain incommunicado instead being interrupted.

I’ll be hoping to meet a person or two from church about biblical topics and maybe get some new topics into Sunday morning bible classes.

It’ll be a relaxing week; somewhat busy, but in a relaxing, refreshing sort of way.

So, my friends, Julie just got back from getting her hair cut. Time to hit the road to do SUMTHIN’!

‘Cause…I’m on VA-CAAA-Shun!!!

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