From Satan’s Son to God’s Child

As a high priest of Santeria, John Ramirez knew he was destined to join the five main demons of Santeria in Hell. But he didn’t care. While he lived, he was respected and feared as powerful witch in his South Bronx neighborhood. Born in a family steeped in witchcraft, John was consecrated at an early […]

via After he saw Satan in Hell, he quit being a witch — Mustard Seed Budget

6 thoughts on “From Satan’s Son to God’s Child

  1. Thank you for posting this article. At first I was going to just hit the like button and wander by without reading it but I felt the need to click on the story. I’m glad I read it. That testimony had a message in it for me of something that I needed to do. John Ramirez revealed that when he transported himself into other cities and towns that he often had trouble wreaking havoc on certain ones where christians prayed for the city. Bam! Knowledge received! Praying for my city was something I hadn’t been doing, didn’t realize I should be. I thank God for the knowledge of what my duties are and will put my little heroine infested town on notice… It is now God’s territory! No need to stop there either, the cities in which two of my three children live are also heroine infested… those are now God’s territories too.

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