Romans 15:1

[ Bearing Others’ Burdens ] We then who are strong ought to bear with the scruples of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

No, nothing is falling your way. At least not that I can see.  It’s just a piece of advice I try to keep in my head.  It’s a usual council for my daughters when they are having a problem.

The secret to start healing from a worry or anxiety is to refocus. Worry and anxiety usually has us swirling the drain, trapped between our ears, too deep into our own naval…pick your metaphor.

Today was a prime example for me. It’s been a trying day; 11 hours on the road, trying to get home, and lots of bad news and frustration.  Alone in the car, I had precious little to do, except stew.  I kept telling myself to knock it off.  I jacked the music to the point of almost making my ears bleed (hyperbole).

You know what finally helped me get back to some peaceful place? This blog and our blogging community.

One of my favorite bloggers had a poo day, and was really upset. Feeling for the blogger’s plight, I wrote some encouragement.  I got a reply that it helped.  So, I was helped.  We both felt better.  I felt better, because I…Looked Out!

Now, some might say that this is an example of a supposedly Russian proverb, used in Disney’s Lady & the Tramp.

“Miserable being must find more miserable being. Then he’s happy.”

But, no, that wasn’t it. As in the above from Romans, I helped someone bear a burden.   That pulled me out of my own psychological naval, and helped me feel better.  Just from being nice to someone.  That’s all.  We both ended up feeling better.

Next time you feel really down, try to tear your gaze away from the drain you’re circling and just…be NICE to someone.

And, just for grins, I’m gonna use a joke I’ve been wanting to drop somewhere for ages now.  You are my unwitting victims.

The above “Miserable Being Quote” is from the very prolific Roman author, Anonymous. You may have heard of him.  Full name; Anonymous Maximus.  Of course, you’ve all heard of his brother, Gluteus.

Wait for it…

4 thoughts on “LOOK OUT!!!

  1. Gluteus maximus. Thats hilarious. I commend you for inciting us to bear one anothers burdens as thats godliness in action not keeping your faith in a box. It has been clinically proven that helping one another can assist in alleviating depression though for us as christians that is not the ultimate motivation -pleasing Jesus cos He squeezed out every last drop of blood for us on the cross is 😊

    • I’m glad you appreciated the article. One of those times when another blogger inspires another! I’m glad you liked the pun too! Somehow it seemed good to try and end it on something upbeat.

      And you’re spot on; we don’t help others for gain. We help because He helped us. Everything else is gravy.

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