Animal Human Crossbreeding

Deceiving the Elect:

Giants, Old Testament Slaughter, Greek Gods, Bigfoot, and Technology:

When I first read someone’s theory that fallen angels had made the man/animal crossbreeds of myth, I thought someone had gone ‘round the bend. Everyone knows that you can’t cross-breed different species, right?  Well, it turns out you can.

If you haven’t read my articles above, go ahead and get some background on the whole enchilada. In the meantime, you can forget “Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY!”  This is going to become more like –

Centaurs and Gorgons and Griffins, OH NO!!

I know. Me too.  I keep thinking it’s a bad dream and I’ll wake up soon.  The alternative is that this sort of thing is already off and running, and the world has gone bat guano crazy.  Several states have already made it a felony to produce mixed species hybrids.  It’s only a misdemeanor to simply have one you bought from…somewhere.  Probably England.  This sort of thing has been legalized across the pond.

Now we have something more concrete by way of explanation as to how they do this. Scientists are working on ways to create human/animal embryos in petri dishes.  As always, it’s an effort to benefit humanity.  I’m assuming they mean the part of humanity that isn’t being experimented upon.  And that they are doing it somewhere other than the states with laws against this sort of thing.

From the article: “One way would be to use chimera embryos to create better animal models to study how human diseases happen and how they progress. Perhaps the boldest hope is to create farm animals that have human organs that could be transplanted into terminally ill patients.”

Let’s walk through that again. They want to make part human, part animal embryos, call them “better animal models” so we hopefully don’t think about the human part, give them a disease, and see how well they do…or not.

Or we’ll grow “farm animals” with human organs for transplants. Now how does one accomplish something that bizarre?  There is a method for their madness.  I yield the floor to Rob Stein’s article from All Things Considered on NPR:

“The first step involves using new gene-editing techniques to remove the gene that pig embryos need to make a pancreas.

Working under an elaborate microscope, Ross makes a small hole in the embryo’s outer membrane with a laser. Next, he injects a molecule synthesized in the laboratory to home in on and delete the pancreas gene inside. (In separate experiments, he has done this to sheep embryos, too.)

After the embryos have had their DNA edited this way, Ross creates another hole in the membrane so he can inject human induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS for short, into the pig embryos… stem cells will take advantage of the void in the embryo to start forming a human pancreas.”

An embryo won’t grow, however, unless you have it inside some sort of mom. So he takes the pig embryos and surgically implants them in a…surrogate?…pig.  The story continues:

Ross then retrieves the chimeric embryos to dissect them so he can see what the human stem cells are doing inside. He examines whether the human stem cells have started to form a pancreas, and whether they have begun making any other types of tissues.”


Hold on there a second, Sparky! I thought the stem cells were supposed to just fill the pancreas void and make a human pancreas.  I repeat –


“The uncertainty is part of what makes the work so controversial (ya think??). Ross and other scientists conducting these experiments can’t know exactly where the human stem cells will go. Ross hopes they’ll only grow a human pancreas. But they could go elsewhere, such as to the brain.”

“If you have pigs with partly human brains you would have animals that might actually have consciousness like a human,” Newman says. “It might have human-type needs. We don’t really know.”

Well, this helps explain why he wants to dissect the embryos when they are still way underdeveloped. You don’t want to go around cutting up things that could look like potential humans.  That would be barbaric, wouldn’t it, Planned Parenthood?

I’m getting a headache…

Wait! There’s more???

“Another concern is that the stem cells could form human sperm and human eggs in the chimeras. If a male chimeric pig mated with a female chimeric pig, the result could be a human fetus developing in the uterus of that female chimera,” Newman says. Another possibility is the animals could give birth to some kind of part-human, part-pig creature.”

I need some Excedrin-Migraine.

So the downside is that they could get a human fetus? Or some kind of human/pig creature?  HEY!  Wasn’t a human/pig the goal up front?

“Paging Dr. Beam. Paging Dr. Jim Beam.”  I need something to wash down those Excedrin.

Ross defends what his work. “I don’t consider that we’re playing God or even close to that,” Ross says. “We’re just trying to use the technologies that we have developed to improve peoples’ life.”

Again, I’m assuming they mean the people that aren’t being experimented upon.  And that they are doing it somewhere other than the states with laws against this sort of thing.  I also just love the way he uses language to sound so innocent.  By the same token I guess if a robber uses a gun to hold up a 7/11, he’s just using technology to improve his life.

I’m done. I need to take a shower.  If you want more on this story, here’s the link:

Not playing God, my patoot…

If BigDaddyBlitz is reading, I’d love to hear a lawyer riff on this. Mi blogga su blogga.

10 thoughts on “Animal Human Crossbreeding

  1. A classic ethical conundrum. Using embryonic stem cells, genetic engineering to modify humans, cloning, animal experimentation, late-term abortion/partial-birth abortion, gender shopping with in vitro fertilization, forced sterilization, sex-change, test tube babies, GMOs, and now cross-breading. I’ve long lost my shock over the callousness of man in a scientist suit. And one must look no farther than the daily news in order to observe mankind’s malleable morality. We are rapidly becoming an “ends justifies the means” society as we abandon the only source of absolute Truth–the Word.

    • Agreed. As if everything to date hasn’t been enough, now we’re talking animal/human crosses. I wouldn’t have even thought it possible, which is why it shocked me so. And that several states and at least Great Britain have already passed legislation on it.

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