“In their hands they shall bear you up, Lest you dash your foot against a stone.”   Psalm 91:12

In reading other people’s blogs, I have encountered some inspirational people. They are people who have been wounded, but persevere.  They bravely tell their stories.  Part of it, I’m sure is cathartic.  But they also inspire. One of these is  Another is by Terri Nida.

As I awoke this morning, Terri came to mind, unbidden. My heart goes out to her for her plight.  Think for a moment what that can be like.  You lie in your bed in your room or maybe get out in the hall in a wheelchair.  Suddenly, your nose itches.


The voice in your head says, “Suck it up, cupcake. They’re passing meds.  No one has time to scratch your nose for you.”

A bee gets in the care facility, and decides to see if you’re a flower. You want to shoo it away, but…

You get moved to another part of the facility, which means new caregivers who haven’t dealt with someone quite like you before. You become both patient and instructor as the fumble you around like the Raiders with a football.

My greatest fear when I had bypass surgery was waking up, intubated and restrained.   Imagine that sort of confinement being your life.

When I thought of Terri this morning in my waking haze, I had a connection. That’s Christianity, my friends!  We are spiritually quadriplegic.  Maybe that’s why coming to faith and staying in the faith are so hard.

Have you ever done trust falls? You know, fall backwards, trusting your partner to catch you?  Scary, but not too bad.  I did one off a 6 foot platform once.  In the theatre, a character sometimes dies or faints.  That actor gets carried somewhere, eyes closed, praying that the actor carrying them doesn’t whap some part of them into a piece of the set.  It takes getting used to.  Especially when they do smack you into something…and you can’t say “Ow!”

When it comes to supporting ourselves, literally or figuratively, we’ve done it so long that we learn to trust only ourselves. Maybe that’s why…

“Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” Luke 18:17

Jesus tells us that we need the child-like faith that doesn’t just say “Carry me, Abba!!”, but runs at Him full speed screaming “Catch me!!”

At some point, we need to spiritually cry to God from the floor where we lie; “My nose itches!!” We need to let Him pick us up, hoping He doesn’t whap some piece of us into something that’ll hurt.  We need to re-learn the comfort a child feels in being carried, wrapped in a banky, safe in a parent’s arms.

We were all carried at one point, and we relished it!  God carried us better than our parents ever did.  But we weaned ourselves off of our parents and off of God to stand on our own.  The former is part of growing and maturing.  The latter is the road to hell.  Spiritual growth and maturity is to trust God ever more, to become ever more comfy in His loving arms and providence.

Terri; I hope you are well the day someone can get you logged on and can read this. You are an inspiration, a visualization of God’s love and care for us who are spiritually crippled.  Thank you for being a pen pal and all of the kind words you have given me.

2 thoughts on “Paralyzed

  1. Jeff – I was able to get logged on and to read this and am in tears. You are an amazing friend. You inspire ME on a daily basis with your constant encouragement and belief in God’s power. Thank you.

    • TERRI!!! I wasn’t sure how long it might be before you got online again! Sorry I made you cry! Not the plan. 🙂 I’m just speaking truth, my friend. You keep being you. Email me any time you want. In Christ…

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