Cut in Half

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”   Genesis 2:24

Julie called yesterday to let me know she and Hills made it to Ohio just fine. I was glad to get that news.

The real revelation started coming yesterday evening as I sat alone in the house. It’s the first time I can recall being home alone for a few days with NO ONE around since moving here four years ago.  They’ve taken “chick trips” before, but I’m usually on the road for work.

I miss her. She’s such a big part of my life, not having her around just isn’t right.

It got me thinking about how much pain people experience when they divorce, when they make a decision that their spouse isn’t who they thought they were, that their needs are more important than their spouse’s.  They actually DECIDE to have that viewpoint instead of DECIDING to love!

Read my first article, True Love:

If they think giving in and being loving hurts, they had no idea till they decided to call it quits! By that time, though, inertia has grabbed ahold and the idea of a divorce becomes a run-away cement truck.  No one thinks they can reverse course.  Well, some people do, but it’s a hell of a ride!

“One flesh.”

No wonder divorce hurts so much! No wonder people become so cruel to each other!  I imagine the pain of being cut apart like a couple of conjoined twins hurts enough to make you nuts and lash out at everyone – including the perceived source of your pain.

So I’ll wait here this weekend and bide my time till they get back in a few days. A little solitude is nice, but having Julie back home…well, that’s living!

2 thoughts on “Cut in Half

  1. Keep this memory in the forefront of your mind. Do not let the foolishness of thinking you will never see a day when your feelings tell you divorce is the best decision deceive you, you will at some point, I assure you. However, when you do, remember this experience, remember that gut wrenching longing, because this is truth! Not brought about by emotion but by your soul’s need to be complete.

    Divorce is always a “good decision” until the reality of it’s deception sets in, the deception that two who became one can ever become two again. They cannot. There will always be that longing, though we so craftily try to numb its pain.

    • Lee, thanks for coming by and especially for you comment! And you are right – we lie to ourselves, using language to hide what the evil truly is, whether divorce, abortion, euthanasia, etc.

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