If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, the whole body will be full of light, as when the bright shining of a lamp gives you light.”   Luke 11:36

One of my favorite blogs is BeautyBeyondBones (See Beauty and the (ED) Beast,  As a recovered anorexia victim, she credits any beauty she has to Jesus healing her from her ED (eating disorder) and self-loathing.  She feels beautiful once again, not because of what she sees in the mirror, but what she feels in her heart.

She made me think of a Tiffany lamp. These lamps are absolutely gorgeous works of art!  The color combinations, designs, and sizes seem infinite.

Just like all of us. We are carefully crafted works of God.  We each have our own theme, color plan, size and shape.  God makes us all beautiful.  Even those of us who have physical and mental challenges are made beautiful in His grace and mercy.

A co-worker has a son who his challenged both ways. Today he was telling me about how his son doesn’t have the coordination to run.  When he plays soccer, he hops and skips down the field, and his parents love watching him, even though he can’t run like the others.  It’s his special way and they enjoy seeing him participate.  Even the other kids on the team make sure he gets his playing time and support him.

He is beautiful, because God made him so despite the best efforts of the Devil. He is beautiful, because he is a redeemed child of God.

If you are a Christian, do you live it? Do you look for opportunities to share your faith or even just be nice to people, because Jesus was nice to you?

Even those who are not yet saved through Christ are beautiful as a Tiffany lamp. There is, however, an important difference.  They are dark.  So are Christians who don’t live the love they have been given.  The light is off. Or at least well-hidden so as to avoid ridicule.

God made us all beautiful, but we can’t fulfill our true potential for beauty until the light is on inside. Even a Tiffany lamp, sitting on a display shelf and unplugged is only a shadow of itself.  Only when the light is on is it truly beautiful, a beacon to the One, True Light.

BeautyBeyondBones lets her Light shine, and her readership is huge. Thousands of people are drawn to the light of Jesus that shines from her.  She went from 78 pounds of almost dead and all her hair fallen out to someone who inspires and gives hope to so many people.

The question becomes whether you and I are willing to shine in the same way, to be a help to as many people as we are given to reach.

Beauty, thanks for your inspirations!

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