A Small Hug

“For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb.”   Psalm 139:13

I was madly in love. I would work as hard as I could, protect her as fiercely as I was able, sacrifice whatever I had to for her.  I’d even start changing diapers for the first time ever!

She is our firstborn, even if that event is a few decades past. She was our Christmas present, born December 21 and coming home December 25. And believe me; I was working hard to support my fledgling family.

At home in the evening I’d take her into the family room and have her sleep on my chest in between bottles and diapers while I watched TV. I spent countless hours like that.  I’d spend time with her every evening even before she was born.  I was devoted to her before I even knew she was a her.  Every night I laid my head on Julie’s stomach and say the same thing to our unborn baby;

“Hi. It’s Daddy.  We’re really looking forward to meeting you and discovering who you are.  Your mom and I are going to take great care of you.  So you just relaxing and keep growing.  We’ll see you soon.”

That’s what I cooed to her every night before we went to sleep.

The birth was rough, and we had to resort to a Caesarian. After Julie was safely in recovery, I headed to the nursery to see our little Bundle.  She was in one of those Plexiglas bassinets, all swaddled in a banky  and with a cap on her head.  She was fussing up a storm.  So I bent down to her and said the same thing I’d be saying to her for months.

She stopped and cocked her head like she was trying to listen, then fell asleep. She knew my voice.  It was there in her ears, so she knew she could relax.  It was OK.

Months later, I came home from work one evening, tired and ready to crash. Julie met me at the back door with Hills, and handed her to me.  It was a great welcome home after a long day.  As I held her high on my chest, standing just inside, the most magical thing happened.  Very slowly, her little arms unfolded and she reached ever so weakly to my neck.

My first hug from my first daughter!

All of the care, talking, promises, and hopes I wanted to give her were rewarded with the smallest of hugs. All of the effort before and since were worth that one, small, precious moment.

God does so much more for us than what any of us could ever do for our children! If we can recognize even the tiniest fraction of His bounty, maybe we can give Him the smallest of hugs.  Just any gesture, as incomplete and imperfect as my daughter gave me, would have to make Him delirious with joy!

Imagine the Creator of the universe melting because of one small, gesture of love from us! Imagine if we could only make a habit of it!

Your ideas are important too!

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