The Calvary is Coming!

“Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart.  Wait, I say, on the Lord”    Psalm 27:14


I’ve recently been getting an education on anorexia. One recovered young lady visited my blog site.  I went to see what she’s up to.  She’s very well written, compassionate, faithful, and I am learning about anorexia and faith in God from her.

From there I ran into another young lady who is just days into rehab for her eating disorder. She’s struggling, of course, but she has a serious want-to.  So I read her entries and try to give her some support.  She posted recently how weather caused some staffing problems and things got canceled.  Not exactly what she needed only days into her recovery.

I wanted to give her some support, but I was at a loss as to exactly what to tell her. I gave her something, but it felt a little weak.

Then the psalm from this morning’s devotion gave me yet another blinding glimpse of the obvious. Of course!  Wait on God.  Help is on the way.  The cavalry is coming!  Or should I say the Calvary is coming?  Help doesn’t always get here when we want it, but it does arrive.  Sometimes the timing isn’t right yet.  Remember when Jesus told His mother at the wedding; “My time has not yet come.”

Sometimes, as happened to Daniel, God sends an angel who is delayed. In Daniel’s case, his angel showed up – finally.  He had been intercepted by a demon who slowed him down.  Yeah, I can’t help thinking the same thing; next time?  Send a bigger angel.

So, to all in need, all who are suffering and need some relief, to all who can’t yet hear the hoof beats of the Calvary,

“Wait on the Lord. Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart.  Wait, I say, on the Lord.”

One thought on “The Calvary is Coming!

  1. Having to struggle all my life with anorexia, this last bout really opened my eyes and heart. The difference for me this time around (and there have been many) is that now it is between God and myself not me and anorexia. By that I mean. I did make a promise to God and that has made a difference. I am accountable to Him not to anorexia. Do I fall and stumble backwards from time to time…sure I do. Every day is a challenge but with His strength not my own He sustains me.

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