Jesus is My Hero

“Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge

I’m just going to write about this book today. Nothing original at all from me.  But the book has a number of messages, and there’s one that really sticks with me.

I’m going to summarize his thoughts and probably butcher it, but I think I can get close enough to get his point across in brief.

His starts with what we all know; men and women are different. We tend toward the stereotypes, if you will.  After all, where do stereotypes come from?  Men want to be heroic, solve the problem, rescue the fair maiden, be victorious in battle.  Women want to have a hero.  They want to be pursued and won.  They want to be cared for even as they nurture a family themselves.

Eldredge, going off the biblical picture of Christ as the bridegroom and us as his bride, presents the idea that men and women together symbolically personify God. God, while always masculine, has qualities of both male and female.  He is powerful and tender, strong and yet deliberately vulnerable.  When a man and women come together, they symbolically represent God whole.  They even participate in creation in a fashion by coming together to produce children.

Mark 10:8

“…and the two shall become one flesh’; so then they are no longer two, but one flesh. “

At this point, I want to send you off to see an entry I made September 11, 2014, titled “A Love Tutorial.” In that article there is a link to a YouTube video that I think very much characterizes our relationship with God.  So go on and click the link, watch the video, read the article, and come on back.  I’ll wait.

See? God is this huge, immensely powerful Being who is willing to chase after us, take our consequences for us, virtually beg us to accept His love.  He is…wait for it…heroic.  He suffers for us in battle.  He takes His lumps willingly to do the heroic.  He comes to us humbly, hat in hand, as it were.

Can you imagine watching a movie where the greatest hero ever imagined is standing tall after his victory, telling the object of his love that he will fight further battles for her, give her his own strength? Then picture her saying no after being wooed and won so thoroughly.  Maybe even flipping him off and running down the bank to the cesspool where his competition lives.

God, in Jesus, made us to love us, to be heroic, to fight those battle for us, even to beg us to love Him. I should think it would be pretty hard to have the perfect suitor before you, wearing the scars of victory, and turn Him down.  Because He is, after all, a hero…our Hero.

Go give Eldredge’s book a read. Men and women.  He wrote it from a man’s point of view, but women make up a lot of that view.

Your ideas are important too!

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