The Harbinger and the Shemitah Part 6

The Mystery of the Shemitah by Rabbi Jonathon Cahn, an overview

In Part 5 we learned what the Shemitah is. Now we shall see what relevance it has to America and the world today.  Remember that it is the seventh year in a cycle, which is a Sabbath year.  At its end, all debts are released and everyone starts with a clean ledger.  This is either done willingly or forcefully, as the Israelites discovered during their forced removal to Babylon.

While the Levitical laws given at Mt. Sinai were for the Israelites, America has been subjected the Shemitah as well. Why?  Its discovery was by people consciously making their own Exodus from the religious persecutions in Europe and came to North America with the intent of building a new Jerusalem.  In Part 1 of this series, we saw where the first meeting of the government was at St. Paul’s chapel at what is not known as Ground Zero.  President Washington prayed a dedication of the country to God’s purpose.

First, we still know when the Shemitah years fall. There is another “Super Shemitah” which occurs every 49 years.  English bible translation call it the “Jubilee.”  This Jubilee is no longer a known quantity.

So what has happened in recent Shemitah years?

We don’t have to go back very far. 2008 saw the worst financial disaster in history.  It was a Shemitah year.  It happened on the last day of the Shemitah year by the Jewish (lunar) calendar; Elul 29 in September.

Seven years before that was September of 2001. There was a physical shaking of the country on 9/11 with the terrorist attack, not unlike what Israel suffered as the warning.  The devastation caused officials to close the stock market for several days till the following Monday…Elul 29.  They tried to ring the opening bell, but it wouldn’t ring.  Everyone got the feeling it was a bad sign, and they were right.  It was the greatest single day financial collapse to date, only to be eclipsed at the next Shemitah seven years later on exactly Elul 29.

Does the Shemitah show up elsewhere in American or world history? Indeed it does.

  • The collapse of 1901-1903 had, in its worst months, overlapped the Shemitah 100%
  • The collapse of 1916-1917 had an overlap to the Shemitah year of 80%
  • The Great Depression. While there were its beginnings prior to the Shemitah year, “The Extreme economic plunge took place entirely within the Shemitah’s parameters.”
  • The crash of 1973 overlapped that Shemitah year by66%.
  • 1980 saw a sharp rise in the stock market, which peaked and had a sudden drop in November. It was the first part of the “double dip recession.” This period saw the highest unemployment levels since The Great Depression.
  • 1987 saw a seven month rise of the stock market, only to see it collapse sharply on Black Monday. It took two years regain those peak levels. Its causes are still debated to this day.
  • Afterwards were the 2001 and 2008 collapses noted above.

While not all instances have a 100% overlap, remember that this is still a once-in-seven-years occurrence.

If you’ve been doing the math, you’ll conclude that the next Shemitah year was 2015.

First, the recent occurrences have been very exact and intense, occurring on Elul 29.

Second, Cahn has related that he thinks something will happen – either on Elul 29 (which has passed) or in its “wake,” which we are currently in. He reminds us that we cannot put God in a box.  He will do what He will.  The real message of the Shemitah is that of repentance.  That was the whole point of Israel’s “shaking” before their final calamity.  It is the point of America’s “shaking.”

We must ask ourselves how much responsibility do we share in America’s current state of apostasy? Have we spoken out and acted against abortion?  Have we voted for those against abortion or for it?  Have we voted for Christian leaders who support keeping God in our country and our government?  Have we been active in spreading God’s Word or turning a blind eye to the country’s direction?  What role have we truly played?

Jesus told us in Matthew 24, The Olivet Discourse, to watch and be ready. Will something happen or not?  That is not the entire point.  Watch.  Be aware.  Be ready.  Keep supplies for the instance  when something does happen, whether the start of a tribulation or simply a natural disaster.

What if nothing happens in this cycle, despite the two eclipses and four blood moons of 2015? Does that mean that America isn’t so bad after all?  By no means!  I would simply assume that God has something else in mind to shake us out of our apathy, out of our evil.

Your ideas are important too!

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