No Cargo Ships in the Atlantic??

Another interruption in the Harbinger/Shemitah series. Following is the text of an email I got from a friend of mine.  It is about how there are currently no cargo ships running across the Atlantic in either direction.  Zero.  Zip.  Nada.  My wife and I checked the link for ourselves.  Everything looks to be in port.

Why did that get my friend’s attention…and mine? The ships are not running because there isn’t enough demand from the WORLD ECONOMY to run the ships profitably.  Oh, they may have some cargo loaded, but they aren’t leaving the dock until it’s full enough to do it in the black.  If this information is anywhere near on target, the world economy is definitely shrinking and possibly imploding.  The friend who sent it to me said he hasn’t had a chance to verify himself yet, but the source is reliable.  Here is the text of the email:


Hi folks:

This is beyond concerning…

go to, and use the filters to show only tankers and cargo ships.  Not ONE is transiting the Atlantic.  This link reports that shippers cannot make any $ shipping goods.  This means that actual demand for goods has just fallen off the cliff.

The Baltic Dry Index keeps hitting new all-time lows.  It is now quite clear that the problem is not just confined to bulk dry goods (think grain, iron ore, coal). but to ALL goods of any kind.

This is an absolutely unprecedented situation and portends a global economic collapse.  Probably brought on by China’s implosion.

Forget what the idiots on the TV are saying, this is reality.

hunker down folks, it’s about to get really weird.


Why am I interrupting my Harbinger/Shemitah series again with this? Same as last time; the last two economic collapses, the two greatest in history happened on the last day of the Jewish Shemitah year.  While most such events have not occurred on that date, the Jewish Elul29, they have clustered around that date on Shemitah years.  We are now in the wake of the Shemitah, the months following.

As Rabbi Jonathon Cahn constantly advises in his books, there’s nothing that says God MUST do something in the Shemitah year, but we would be wise to pay attention, keep our eyes open, and prepare.

What is the best preparation? Prayer is number one.  Humility before God.

After that, use common sense. You should have some sort of emergency inventory; water, food, etc.  Not just for a possible event as Cahn writes about, but even for tornados and any natural disaster.  Remember that FEMA had a heck of a time helping anyone during Hurricane Katrina.

Pray. Keep your eyes open.  Good biblical advice: “Be wise as serpents and innocent as doves” and “I say again, watch!”

Your ideas are important too!

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