The Harbinger, Overview Part 2

The Harbinger by Rabbi Jonathon Cahn; an overview

The last installment left off with the USA having it’s start as the destination of those seeking relief from religious prosecution, an Exodus from Europe to start their own New Israel. The first full meeting of our government with President Washington and the full congress was at St. Paul’s Chapel in the nation’s capital of New York City, and Washington’s prayer/prophecy concerning faithfulness to God and His providence for the country.

The church had a sycamore tree planted on the property near the church. It grew over the years until September 11, 2011.  It died that day, killed by falling debris from the Twin Towers.  As it took the punishment of the wreckage, it’s end protected the church itself from any damage.  Not so much as a window was broken.  That church is known as The Miracle of Ground Zero, the only structure in that area to escape any real damage.  It was used for months as a staging area for rescue and relief, which I find appropriate.  Ground Zero itself was, at the time of Washington’s prayer, part of that church’s property.

So, on the very soil that saw the first meeting of our government, a shaking occurred to hopefully call the country back to God. For three weeks, the country’s churches were filled with frightened citizens looking for…something.  An explanation?  Reassurance?  No one can really say for certain, other than it was not for penitence.  After three weeks, attendance dropped back to previous levels.  The shaking God sent caused no more than a collective snort of a snore before we rolled back over and to sleep.

How do we know this was a shaking sent from God and not just one of those lousy things that happens in an increasingly rotten world?

The answer lies in Isaiah 9:10. Isaiah was the prophet sent by God to a rebellious Jewish nation to deliver a shaking in the form of prophecy.  God would send disaster.  It was also predicted that Israel would pay no heed.  Isaiah 9:9-10:

“9 All the people will know— Ephraim and the inhabitant of Samaria— Who say in pride and arrogance of heart: 10 ‘The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with hewn stones; The sycamores are cut down, But we will replace them with cedars.’”

Bricks refer to inferior building materials, as they were made of straw and mud. Hewn stone means they would take native rock out of the hills and use that.  Likewise, the cedar is a much stronger tree than the sycamore.  The meaning is that Israel would rely on its own strength and ability to plant and quarry instead of relying on God.

So what happened on September 11? The sycamore was destroyed.  Its remains, including its roots which contained a brick, were displayed as a memorial to the disaster.  What happened later?  A conifer tree of a cedar type was planted in the exact same spot the sycamore had stood!  I also recently learned that the cedar that was planted in the place of the sycamore is withered away.  They tried to prune it, hold it up with ropes…anything to keep it alive.  But it continued to wither along with the plantings around it.  It is a symbol of America’s continued withering as it refuses to return to God.

So that takes care of the sycamore, the cedar, and the brick. Now, the hewn stone.

When the new tower was set to get started, a 2 ton block of hewn store, cut from the mountains of New York state, was laid as a ceremonial cornerstone for the new tower, which our country would build bigger and better than what had stood there before.

Sound like a familiar refrain?

Other connections are the speeches given by our government leaders regarding September 11, 2001.

Senator Tom Daschle delivered a speech before Congress on September 12 to rally the nation. In it he quoted Isaiah 9:10, omitting the verse 9 which condemned the attitude of verse 10.  He used the same words of defiance the Israelites used to proclaim our coming ascendency.  He thereby invited judgement on the nation as he spoke on its behalf.

President Obama did the exact same thing, employing a paraphrase of Isaiah 9:10 years later in a speech observing the anniversary of September 11.  As if one government official unwittingly inviting judgement was not enough.  Obama also WROTE those defiant words on the final beam to be placed at the top of the new tower at Ground Zero.  This placed those defiant words at the highest point of the highest building in America.

Altogether Jonathon Cahn, a Christian Rabbi, cites nine harbingers sent to warn the United States of the destruction it faces without repentance of its ways:

And there is more to come in The Mystery of the Shemitah.

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