Covenant, Old and New

You know, I just love listening to someone who REALLY gets it with God. They live their life, and one day BAM!! It hits her, and she really connects to God.

I grew up in a Christian household and have gone to church since before memory. I went to a parochial grade school. I’ve wandered and returned, but God has always been part of my life. I’ve never had the epiphany of an unbeliever, because I’ve always believed. Maybe not always perfectly, maybe not always with mature understanding, but always.

Sometimes I envy people like J.T.. They have this awakening, coming out of the dark. Yeah, that’s wrong. I’ve got my own blessings, but reading J.T. and others like her, well, that just does it for me. It’s like I can’t have the rich, chocolate brownie with drizzle and two scoops of ice cream. But I can watch her and others eat it, right?

So here it is; that rich, wonderful, chocolate-like ecstasy (because chocolate IS one of the many ways God says “I love you”) for you to read for yourself.

Your ideas are important too!

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