Archeology Continues to Point Toward Bible’s Reliability

Ecclesiastes 9:7    “Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart,…”

A 3000 year old inscription on a wine jog dated to about the mid-10th Century BC could well give further support to the kingdoms of David and Solomon.

Jerusalem always has someone digging around, looking for something of historical importance. Sometimes it’s garden variety stuff.  Sometimes they find something that will make the weeks of tedium worth it.

“A small fragment of ancient pottery researchers believe shows the first wine label could prove that the reigns of King Solomon and King David actually occurred.”

It dates to mid-10th Century BC, just about right for David and Solomon.  It is written in an ancient form of Hebrew, which has been a challenge to decipher, but they know it was a wine label  inscribed on the remains of a jug.  The term used for wine denotes a vintage that was pretty low quality and likely reserved for slaves and workers.  That alone sheds some new light on the period.

The find is by Gershon Galil from the department of Jewish History at Haifa University. I’ll leave you to read the article for yourself to get the details from Galil.

2 thoughts on “Archeology Continues to Point Toward Bible’s Reliability

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