“He who is greedy for gain troubles his own house…”     Proverbs 15:27

December 26, 2015 seems an appropriately twisted day to discuss greed.  No one is talking about Jesus.  Unless they are swearing about what a terrible Christmas they had.

I was a bit depressed but not overly surprised to see a story about and a video of a little kid throwing a tantrum over getting a really cool video game…because it was the 2015 edition. Not the 2016.  You can hear a woman trying to tell him the 2016 edition was out of stock.  That had no juice with him, as a screamed “What the…MMMMMM!!!!”  Any bets on what he almost said?

Hundreds of Twitter users slammed the kid over being such a brat. Others were amused.  Me?  If there was to be any video posted, I say it should have been a video of the cowed parents trying to placate the little Frankenstein monster they had created.  Where do you think he learned that throwing tantrums  is how you get things done?  Where did he ever hear someone say WTM(F)?  Mom?  Dad?

Do you think I’m being a bit harsh on Mom and Dad? Here’s a quotation from the article:  “In a reply to a question on Twitter, Mayra (the mom) wrote that her family is taking the game back as soon as the stores open up after Christmas.”  I hear a rush of wind as a Teaching Moment zooms past.

I guess Mom learned her lesson. You don’t disappoint junior without suffering his wrath.  Maybe the lesson should have gone the other way?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s a quotation just a couple lines later:  “Lucky for the little boy, the WWE Games Twitter account saw the video of his reaction and sent a message to Mayra reading: ‘We might be able to help out here ;)’”.  Um…

Society has them trained in pretty well.  It’s all about the sale.  It’s all about taking the easy and cowardly way and not the right way.  A little more effort now will mean fewer problems later.

What do think he’ll be like as a teenager?  Young adult?  What sort of future are they planting for their future household?  I see a troubled future for them.

What do you think? Are you laughing with relief that there’s no video of you on YouTube?  Or would you be OK with that?  What future is in store for your household?

2 thoughts on “Greed

  1. What a sad, sad household. The parents are setting up their son for a world of pain and unhappiness. And as he grows up and when he is an adult just insufferable miserable human being . I shutter to think how he will treat them if he even aknowledges them at all. That is just my opinion and time will tell.

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