But Seriously Folks…

“Jesus said to him, “It is as you said. Nevertheless, I say to you, hereafter you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Power, and coming on the clouds of heaven. Then the high priest tore his clothes…”   Matthew 26:64-65

We’re not good at the spiritual. We often don’t realize that WE are spiritual. We are covered with the physical, what St. Paul described as these earthly tents. Physical bodies need physical food, shelter, etc. We seldom remember the spiritual; our souls, God, Satan, angels and demons fighting over us all around us.

That’s why the Israelites had such a rough go in Egypt and afterwards. They saw all of the plagues, the waters part, the pillar of fire and smoke, Mt. Sinai, and more. Still they disobeyed. Still they denied their own experiences and sense.

“Did you see what I saw?”

“Naw! Couldn’t be. Stuff like that just doesn’t happen.”

Same deal in the New Testament.

Mary: “Joseph. I need to talk to you. Have a seat. No really…sit. I’m pregnant. But it’s OK. God’s angel said so. Whose son? God’s.”

But seriously, folks…

The wedding at Cana: “You saved the best wine for last! Aren’t you the clever guy! Where have you been keeping it?” Um.

But seriously folks…

The loaves and two fish episodes come to mind. The people saw all that food, and did they realize that they had glimpsed the Divine? Nope. They wanted to make Jesus king so he could make more bread.

At the transfiguration, the core disciples saw Moses and Elijah having chat with Jesus. Did they appreciate what they were seeing or start planning to put up tents for everyone? “Everyone” being two dead guys making an earthly appearance.

But seriously, folks.

We often read the accounts of the Israelites over the centuries and wag our heads at their stupidity! God TOLD them to do what He says, and everything will be fine. Mess up and bad things happen. How many times did that cycle repeat itself, starting at Mt. Sinai?

“Man that is one heck of a light show up top! No way I’m going anywhere near that! Speaking of which, has anybody seen Moses since he went up to talk to God ? No? Well, that stinks. Let’s make a golden calf. That sounds like a good idea.” While the mountain is covered with the clouds and lightning of God’s glory!!

But seriously, folks.

We certainly look at their behavior over the centuries and feel like we’d do so much better. But guess what; we wouldn’t. The Divine can stare us in the face, impact our lives, even do miracles in plain sight. Do we see them?

An approximate quotation from the movie Grand Canyon: “Sometimes I think miracles happen all around us. We just don’t see them for what they are.” And you should see the movie.

I’ve started studying Matthew 24 in which Jesus tells us of the end times. That’s sent me to reading Revelations again…and again. Maybe I don’t know what it all means. The symbolic language is a rough ride, but here’s the deal. If I study and get to know the narrative, and IF I watch as Jesus tells to do repeatedly, I believe things will start clicking into place with that narrative when things do start happening. I’m not just going to church on Sunday, hitting a bible class and calling it a week. I read often during the week, studying the Word.

You see, when things start happening. I don’t want to be like the high priest seeing the Divine and sputtering, “But seriously, folks…”

2 thoughts on “But Seriously Folks…

  1. Blessings and miracles of God all around us everyday. I get so ‘into myself” and getting it done I fail to appreciate or see them all around. I love the verse in Psalm that says, Be still and know that I AM God. He is always there and pray to be there with Him. blessings to you all for a wonderful Easter, He is Risen, Indeed!

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