The American Remnant

“Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.”   I Kings 19:18

I often pray for The United States of America. I ask God to restore our faith as a country, to make us a strong nation again as we once were when our strength was in Him. It’s a prayer that is getting harder to pray.

I’m starting to think that we, as a country, will not revere God as we once did. Atheists have taken over the government and the media. Politicians no longer dare to call for a day of prayer for anything as was the case so few decades ago. The atheists who are fairly well in control these days forbid it, because, you see, they are not content to have their own beliefs. They want to destroy everyone else’s faith. Why else would they spend every ounce of their energy to tear down any public reference to God? Why else would they create an environment where Christians have become afraid to even admit their faith, let alone actively witness to lost souls?

Christians have been cast as the intolerant ones even as those who gave us that brand have no tolerance for us.

We are not at the same stage as Elijah who prayed to God lamenting that he was the only one left in all of Israel who believed. God opened his eyes to the truth. God reassured Elijah that there was indeed a remnant of believers left with him. God encouraged him to keep the faith, even when it seemed there was no one else home. God told him there is still a remnant of the faithful.

God kept a remnant to Himself even when he allowed the Syrians to take His chosen people into captivity. God will always keep a remnant of the faithful to carry on His name and His work.

I still meet other Christians, and we strengthen each others’ faith. We encourage each other, we meet at church, we talk on the phone, and we keep ourselves going. There is a remnant in America, and it’s a lot bigger than what Elijah had. We are a part of that remnant, kept by God to encourage and be encouraged.

I still fear the day is coming that we will not be able to meet and speak as openly as we do now. I fear it may get worse. After all, who would have thought things would be as they are today a mere 20-30 years ago? Do we really think that today’s state of affairs will suddenly arrest itself?

Regardless of how bad you might see things get, no matter the persecution – small or great – that will indeed come our way, remain as part of the remnant of believers in The United States of America.

Read your bibles. Stay strong in the Word. Don’t practice your faith only on Sunday mornings. Don’t encourage just other Christians. Witness to the lost, as Elijah did. He thought he was alone and still did God’s work. So should we.

Things have happened gradually here, to the point that we scarcely realize it until it’s pointed out. Look at what has become acceptable, even on so-called family channels. Compare that to TV of the 80’s and before. It comes slowly, giving us time to get used to it. We are then fed just a bit more disgusting fare until that too becomes palatable.

Read your bibles. Stay strong. Be the remnant God intends you to be. The days will come that will make today look like nothing. Jesus told us in two places; the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24 and all of Revelations. Ready, study, discuss, and, as Jesus warned us many times, WATCH!

One thought on “The American Remnant

  1. Good to see you this AM. Enjoyed your blog as usual, I think of Pastor Mark’s sermon this AM concerning single events that can suddlenly change things. I pray too, that this country can be revived. I know God has the leaders, today always, in power for His purposes. I do pray He will hear the cries of His children and not let us go down the wrong road due to our rebellion. But as we know too He can revive us an instant and restore us back to His blessings and care as a nation.

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