Don’t Worry

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”   Matthew 6:34

I published the article “The War Around Us” on February 18. The conclusion is that we are not to worry, even in the end times and The Tribulation. Jesus gave us a timeline and warning to watch.

Before those times, we still should not worry. Job problems? Money problems? Spouse problems? Financial problems? Well, we do have to deal with these things. That’s a given. It might even be difficult. Jesus warned us that we should expect troubles. After all, He had problems. We should not expect the students to have it better than the Master.

But worry? No! We will be taken care taken care of, even if it isn’t in as grand a fashion as we’d like. Jesus reminds us that we are not to worry about eats, dinks, or clothes. Wild animals and plants are provided for by their Creator, for crying out loud! Can we doubt that He will provide for us whom He created “a little lower than the angels?” Psalm 8:5

Part of me pictures persecuted Christians in cages, on crosses (yes, that’s happening in these times!), kidnapped, tortured, raped, and more. I am tempted to doubt God’s real providence. I think I shared a sentiment recently in Finding Oil, February 8, borrowing from another blogger. We might think we could never endure what hear of others enduring. This guy made the point that this isn’t a comparison to be made:

“…. It is a huge mistake to try to calculate one’s ability to stand up under fire…based on a normal ‘everyday’ routine disposition. God pours the oil of His grace at the proper time.”

In other words, yes, God provides. Maybe not the types and levels we are or would like to be accustomed to, but He provides. Remember that St. Paul tells us how God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness. Remember the progression we are presented with elsewhere: in brief, adversity produces the character that God seeks in us. Not easy. Not by a long shot, but that’s the point.

That being said, I can’t say I’ve always lived that with anything approaching grace. Three visits to death’s door were tough but doable. Getting laid off and losing everything was tough. That’s when my worst parts came out. Who would’ve thought I’d do better taking a run at the grave? Not me. Did I worry? You bet your bleeper I did!

Remember that I often write these entries to talk to myself as much as to you. Christianity is also something of a team sport where we are to exhort each other in our faith and bear each other’s burdens. This is me trying to help BOTH of us.

God loves us, treasures us, and made us just a whisker below angels. He is not going to cut us loose. As rough as life can be in the wild, he still ultimately provides for wild animals and will do – scratch that – has done so much more for us.

It is also good to remember that most of the trouble we import to today from tomorrow never happens anyway.

You can feel the burn of the crucible of adversity. You can huff and puff with the effort. You can ask God to maybe lend a little Hand down here, because you could really use One right now. So many Psalms are David saying just that. Struggling isn’t failure.

Just don’t worry!

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