Euthanasia – Out of Our Hands?

“France Debates Making Euthanasia Doctor’s Decision…Doctors in France will have the right to put terminally-ill patients into a deep sleep until they die, under plans unveiled on Friday that reignited a national debate on euthanasia.” Reported December 12.

They continue: ” In France, a 2005 law permits “passive euthanasia”, where a person causes death by withholding or withdrawing treatment that is necessary to maintain life.”

Doesn’t that sound delightful? “Passive Euthanasia.” Such soft words, so many flowing syllables, tripping off the tongue. But the conversation behind them would terrify any patient.

DOCTOR: Well, this patient has no hope of recovery. She’s old, and this is getting really expensive, trying to push out her death a bit longer. I’m thinking our resources are better spent on people who are younger and have a hope of once again being a contributing member of society. How ‘bout we give her one more shot? We don’t kill her. That would be cruel. No, we’ll just keep her asleep and stop treatment. Let her pass on with peace and dignity. And the cool thing about this new law, it isn’t even something she or her family can protest. Much cleaner this way.

Well, what if YOU WANT to live a little longer? What if you don’t want to be forced to sleep so people can stop caring for you with – somehow – a clean conscience? Can you imagine laying there in your French hospital bed, knowing about this law and watching a smiling doctor walk in with a needle and a big smile. “This won’t hurt a bit…” You watch death get squirted into your IV line and the world starts going away. Your last conscience thought is one of terror, knowing you’re going to be allowed to die of neglect in your sleep. For all you know, you may feel the pain of death approach through the drug-induced slumber or maybe not. By the time you know, it’s too late. And there you lay.

That’s France. You think it won’t happen here. But you’re wrong. Denial of care is one of the features of Obamacare. OK, it isn’t the same as what France is considering, but those thought processes are cooked into that law. If you get enough countries talking about it, then doing it, the rest of the sheep will follow the trailblazers right over the cliff.

Again from the article: “The proposals by two MPs – one from the ruling Socialists, the other from the opposition UMP – go a step further, as they allow doctors to couple passive euthanasia with “deep and continuous sedation” for terminally-ill patients who are conscious and whose treatment is not working or for those who decide to stop taking medication.  Patients who are not able to make decisions could in certain circumstances also be placed into deep, permanent sleep.”

Oh, my.

“You shall not murder.”   Exodus 20:13

4 thoughts on “Euthanasia – Out of Our Hands?

  1. So sad, tragic….so wrong…

    good post Jeff…we need to hear more of the sobering things that occur and pray to God for them. And also, that we in America, do not go down that path. We seem to be headed that way.

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