The Fastest Growing Religion in the World

Clue: it isn’t Christianity.

“(The London Daily)MailOnline took part in a £10 back-street ‘exorcism’ by a witch of the Santa Muerte cult in Mexico City – now followed by estimated 10m around world.”

Translated, that’s “The Lady of Death.” It was made famous on an episode of Breaking Bad. Worshippers visit a witch practitioner who has a “…statue of a skeleton dressed in monastic robes gripping a scythe” which you are to kneel before and pray to.

You can get an exorcism, pray for a good death “without judgment,” even success in evil. According to a local armed robber who comes to the shop regularly:

“I pray to Santa Muerte for success in my crimes and to protect me from the police… The White Lady doesn’t judge me for what I do…Every time I have success I immediately come to give thanks; she knows how much I have earned.”

Although this new religion has its roots on Catholicism, this train left that station a LONG time ago. Mix in a few Catholic-esque rituals like communion and rosaries, have the goddess enjoy parallels to the Virgin Mary, mix in Aztec religious beliefs, and presto! Lady of Death!

“’Even if this cult is bringing people disillusioned with religion closer to God, it still uses witchcraft and belief in dark magic in its ceremonies,’ said Monsignor Enrique Glennie, the rector of the Virgin of Guadelupe Basilica in Mexico City, one of Latin America’s most popular catholic pilgrimage sites. ‘Santa Muerte does not represent Christian values’.”

Remember the last post I had here about the rise of exorcisms? People are looking for answers, and if Christians aren’t doing the talking, guess who is? Popular culture, brought to you courtesy of “Sulphur Sideshows, Inc.” Bringing you the best in death and damnation disguised as entertainment and being cool since the first apple harvest.

In Christianity, God we pray for forgiveness of sins, health for family and friends…and enemies, if we’re doing it right. We reflect Christ within us by helping others, giving someone a drink, a meal, a visit in hospital or prison.

What do followers of The Lady of Death pray for? Success in committing violent crimes. A peaceful death after a life of violence themselves. Oh, there are those who pray for good things too. But there is no sanction for anything, because…

“’If Santa Muerte has attracted a large following, many of whom are dedicated to crime and witchcraft, it is because she is not a judgmental saint’, says Monsignor Ávila. ‘She accepts you for who you are’.”

As one member puts it, we’re all equal, because one day we will all look like her (the skeleton).

Apparently they haven’t heard the Good News. When we die, we receive our eternal bodies, which will reside in either heaven or hell, depending on our acceptance of Jesus. We will not be skeletons. We will be whole and living with our Lord. Perfectly.

But this is Satan at work, saying everyone is welcome – which they are in hell – telling everyone he’s not the big, judging monster God is. So come on in. Have a seat.

God is not the judging monster. He’s a big, forgiving, doting God, not unlike a posting a few months back of a bog dog pawing at a retarded child, looking for some acceptance (A Love Tutorial, 9/11/14).

Why someone would want a grinning skeleton instead of a loving God is beyond me. Unless they don’t know that choice is there, because we – Christians – keep letting the other side do all of the talking.

Here’s the article link:

4 thoughts on “The Fastest Growing Religion in the World

  1. Good blog today. The wages of sin is death…sad they don’t get it.

    I am reading a book now by Hank Henegraaff callled, The Covering, God’s plan to Protect You from Evil. I just started it and his into was very good.

    We live in a scary world…bombared by evil and santic influences all around and growing. But it is wonderful to know our Victory is in Jesus. It is finished He is triuphant. I love Luther’s hymn, A Mighty Fortress is our God, awesome words to live by.

    Blessings to you and keep up the good work my friend!

  2. Santa Muerte is an interesting cult that bridges between Satanism and Christianity. It is not so Satanic that it would be acceptable to many Satanists. I believe the fastest growing religion in the world is Islam.

    • I might be tempted to agree with you on Islam growing fast,but I’d suggest that might be a misconception, because Islam is much bigger. Santa Muerte is likely much smaller, but its rate of growth may be higher and have earned the title of the article. A thought, a possibility. THANK YOU for your comment!

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