Nauseous Beauty

I’m not normally a re-blogger, but this particular individual and this particular entry simply tugged at my heart and will not be denied. Please read this. Please follow her. Please pray for her. Prayer is the solution of FIRST resort!

Beautiful Life with Cancer

The pain seeps in, permeating my body. Too much. Maybe this time I have reached my limit. Have I met the end? My body is only human. Hurt knocks again at my door. Stop! But he pushes his way in and the unwelcome guest will not leave. I cry out and my mind thinks you have forgotten me.

And then you call to me and your love holds on. It sings me a song, reaching down to my soul and filling up my heart. You take a little of my pain and carry a little of my load. I see tears running down your cheek, this is not how you want it to be. Squeezing your hand, you guide me on my way. Tenderly you sing to me. Lovingly, you comfort. My God, he sings to me.

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