Father Knows Best

“You shall have no other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3

Mankind is getting more and more uppity all of the time. We think we can decide what shape life should take. We decide to work on making life the way we want it by cloning animals. At some point someone will try it with a person. Don’t think so? Try this on for size.

First, life gets cheapened by abortion. It’s a human life, but we can’t see it. We call the unborn child a fetus. Not really human. It’s much easier to kill when you can’t see it and put a different label on it. And the label is important.

How much easier it was to kill in recent wars when the enemy is a Jap, a Jerry, a Hun, a Commie, Charlie… The list goes on. Just so long as the soldiers see them as sub-human.

Like retarded people. Sub-human. Judging by our own imperfect standards, their “quality of life” isn’t as good as ours. So we kill them. They don’t meet our standards, and we’re tired of being saddled with caring for them, so we have them murdered and call it a mercy.

Not so, you say? King has lost the distinction between science fiction and real life you say? Maybe not in the US of A. Not yet. But…

“Number of mentally ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland trebles in a year as doctors warn assisted suicide is ‘out of control’” Yup. That’s the headline of an article in the London Daily Mail Online published 3 October, 2014. It was written by Simon Caldwell. Look closely at the headline. Which is it, Holland? Euthanasia or assisted suicide? Oops.

“The number of mentally-ill patients killed by euthanasia in Holland has trebled in the space of a year, new figures have revealed. In 2013, a total of 42 people with ‘severe psychiatric problems’ were killed by lethal injection compared to 14 in 2012 and 13 in 2011.”

Read the whole thing for yourself: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2779624/Number-mentally-ill-patients-killed-euthanasia-Holland-trebles-year-doctors-warn-assisted-suicide-control.html

So now, unlike aborted unborn people, we can tolerate killing people we can see by branding them as unfit to live. Right now unfit is defined as “mentally-ill” in Holland. Or as being someone who just wants a little help killing themselves. So they say. There are those who want to die. Does it automatically follow now that if someone wants death, we’re allowed to kill them if we wear a white lab coat and went to medical school? Aw, what the heck! Do we really need to have an MD do this? I mean, how hard is it to overdose someone? At some point someone is going to say we just need to have licensed people doing this.

Not going to happen in ‘Merica? Too bizarre? Too out there for ya?

If you’re old enough, did you ever think back in the 80’s that you’d be taking a risk to say Merry Christmas at work? Would you have thought that the Ten Commandments would be banned from public places like courthouses or town squares? Would you think someone would sue a city for having a World War II memorial with a cross?

Did anyone ever think that we’d have a country where almost half the population would be on the dole and vote in elections to keep it that way instead of trying to lift themselves out of poverty?

In the USA we already think nothing of abortion. We think less of killing unborn people to harvest their stem cells to help people with nerve damage. They aren’t real people after all, are they? Just embryos. Screw ‘em. I can see the paraplegic right here. She’s MUCH more important than that defenseless, unborn person.

Now move that attitude to the other end of the life cycle. The philosophy of at least one supporter of Obamacare. Let’s try on Zeke Emanuel for size.

“Ezekiel Emanuel — Chicago native and the older brother of Mayor Rahm — a well-known bioethicist and former Obama adviser, explained why he wants to die at the not-so-old age of 75.”

To be fair, the article also says that “Emanuel specifically opposes physician-assisted suicide, but these findings could also speak to why his essay has touched a nerve.”

It also concludes that “…even if you don’t agree with Emanuel’s thinking, maybe his perspective in the very least can get us thinking about what we might want for ourselves.”

It sounds hopeful that we’ll at least consider suicide as a socially approved alternative to living longer. I mean, why be a burden to our loved ones or society? Find the whole article at http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-zeke-emanuel-die-20141004-story.html

The argument? Decreased quality of life and being a burden to others. In short, if you can’t contribute significantly to society as a whole, you – and we – are better off with you dead. Mind you, I’ve listened to this guy talk on TV. These are his beliefs and his view of aging in general. This is someone who has advised Obama and influences opinion as a “well-known bioethicist.”

Another wrinkle. Insurance companies now control more and more medical facilities, including hospitals. How likely are they to authorize coverage for expensive care for the elderly? Especially when “renowned bioethicists” give them cover to do so?

To horrible? Too crazy to happen? I refer you to the top of this article. It’s happening right now in Holland. Does anyone really think this won’t spread?

We’re making ourselves gods, deciding who lives and who dies. At some point, the real God is going to holler, “ENOUGH!” God loves His creation and everyone in it. He cares not how young or old, how completely or incompletely their bodies have formed in this sin-filled world. He decides when it’s time to come home. That’s His call. Every time. Not ours. His wisdom is far beyond ours.

Father knows best. Unfortunately, more and more people are mistaking themselves for Him.

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