Echoes Till the End of Time

Priscilla and Acquila risked their own lives for St. Paul’s sake. Epaenetus is credited as the first of Asia Christians. Mary worked hard for Paul. Andronicus and Junia were not only relatives of Paul, but were also imprisoned elsewhere as he was in Rome. Others Paul sent greeting to in his Roman letter: Amplias, Urbanus, Stachys, Apellus, and the whole household of Aristobulus. Also another kinsman, Herodion and another household, that of Narcissus. He also sent greetings to Tryphena, Tryphosa, Persis, Rufus, Asybcritus, Phlegon, Hermas, Patrobas, Hermes, Philogus, Julia, Nereus, and his sister Olympas.

Heck of a list. In just one of his many New Testament epistles. A handful are mentioned again in the other epistles along with more. His protégé, Timothy, is mentioned and two of Paul’s letters to him are a part of the New Testament as is his letter to Titus.

Paul names a couple who didn’t do so well. At the end of Second Timothy, Paul asks Timothy to come to help him quickly as Demas had abandoned him (II Tim 4:9-10). Another less than admirable character is Alexander, a coppersmith who caused Paul great harm. So much so that Paul prays for the Lord to deal with him (II Tim 4:14). For me, I wouldn’t want Paul praying for my just desserts.

My point in mentioning all of these is that they have echoed through time, and will until time ends and the Bible is no longer needed. 2000 years and counting. As I discussed in my previous post, I think that having an echo after you die is a pretty good measure of how well you lived your life. It’s not about ego, but about leaving an…effect…for God and good long after you’ve gone.

As I stated in the last posting, some things I’ve done I know will echo even if no one remembers my name. Or even if anyone is aware there was ANY individual that led to their life. JUST ECHO! God will know. God will hear.

Given that, it seems to be a given that we will all echo somehow. God hears everyone’s echo, no matter how loud or soft it is. Do you want it to sound sweetly in His ear or clang repulsively? Remember Alexander, the coppersmith? His echo is lasting as long as everyone else listed above. How would you like anyone, especially God, remembering your name is the bad guy…forever?

Echo for others, those alive now or yet to be born. With God’s help you can do it.

Live your life well, I plead with you. It’s better for the people around you. It’s better for you. You’ll be a better person for it. And God will hear.

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